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Hijaber Blogger: Life, Fashion, and Confidence

December 20, 2017

Hijaber Blogger!

In a world like todays’, I believe we need more empowering, muslim girls to be out there. Hijaber, as people like to say about ones who wear the hijab like myself. I, myself, enjoy watching YouTubers and reading from bloggers but, I always wished for someone more relatable…more like me? And just recently did I find my solution: I can become that role model that I wish I had.

Inspiring people in life and fashion. That’s the role model I have always wanted. That, therefore, I will be.

I have always postponed my desire to fully invest in a blog because I have always thought I was too young, too different, too insecure. I could never find the reason why I might want to start writing.

As days pass, I grew and experienced more of this thing we call life. I’m nothing more than a junior in high school but I believe I have something to give to the world. More than anything, I want to be able to give advice or perspectives I have to everyone. Whatever age you are, I hope I can bring happiness or inspire you in any way possible.


My purpose is to spread more positivity and confidence to all muslim girls out there; I hope I can be your inspiration. But, I am not limiting myself to only that one goal. I want to be the friend, the sister, or just that girl that everyone can relate to

On that topic, I plan to talk about things that matter; the hard truths. Truths that may be hurtful or too real to admit. Being able tackle sensitive areas is when we know advice is useful advice. Yes, there will be fun topics here and there but we have much of that already. Quotes you see on Tumblr or sites of that sort are just sometimes…too pretty to be real. But don’t get me wrong, I have some that I love too. Pretty quotes may help sometimes but other times you need to be aware of the reality of things.

If you didn’t get the hint yet from everywhere on the blog…I am Conchita Isdiawan. Your typical Indonesian, muslim girl who has spent her entire life outside Indonesia. From now on, follow me on my continuing journey of growing up, becoming the person I was meant to be, and constantly reflecting on who I was to be that better person.

From now on, hoping to inspire people in life, confidence, and fashion,


It’s Conchita.


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