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Photography Through Discover Oman 2018

April 4, 2018

Finally. Part Two of the previous post about my Discover Oman trip  is here! This will be fully dedicated to the pictures I took and some more pictures that were taken of me. In the same format like the previous post, it’ll be a day to day summary. Let’s get started, shall we?

All my own pictures are watermarked at a corner so to not be confused whether a picture is mine or not. Basically, all pictures that I’m not in, is my picture. Kind of common sense, right? And of course credit to all my friends who took amazing pictures of me!

Day 1 Photography


This was the portrait day where we got to play around with real studio lighting. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures and some more shots with the studio lighting!

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl

The picture above is one of my favorite and best shots that I took! It took a lot of laughing, posing, and concentration to take this picture. Hahah since we wanted to capture a more mature and serious portrait for this. One of the teacher chaperones even said it looks somewhat like something on a TIME Magazine cover.

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl

We were digging the whole serious/magazine-cover-esque shoot and decided to take more pictures like it! I  also definitely got myself in the group, too. The teachers kept laughing at us for being so into taking portraits of ourselves instead of focusing on the actual taking photos thing.

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl

Mosque, Sunset Shoot

I promise I did take photos of landscape and nature, on the first day we went to the Grand Mosque for a quick sunset trip!

oman helloconchita trip discover mosque

This (above)  is one of my favorite landscape pictures that I took! There is a glare because of the sun in the corner but, I think that that is the charm of the picture. The glare makes the picture more dreamier and majestic to me.

We were at the mosque and were all still dressed up from the portrait photoshoot just a few hours back so another photoshoot at the mosque was inevitable!

The photo set below this text is my favorite set of close-up portraits that I took! Believe when I say when I looked at the picture through my camera screen, I gasped loudly. It was that pretty.

Day 2 Photography

Because I want to only show my best pictures, I only have two from this day. Plus a bonus of me looking like a smurf since my friend took this picture from above. But I would say, that these two pictures are still worth a lot.

Day 3 Photography

Day 3 was another “eh” kind of day. But we did learn a new skill for taking photos in the night to get cool traffic pictures. If you read the previous post, you would know why this day was more of a learning day and not taking pictures day. Other than that, here is my night photography!

Day 4 Photography

A fun, last day to end the week of Discover Oman satisfyingly! We spent most of our day at the Mosque and this time, inside it and explored its hallways outside. Get ready for all the pictures!



This (below) is one of my favorite pictures taken by a friend! And isn’t it amazing how my friends (in yellow and green scarfs) were situated perfectly to all be in the picture? Also this candid is such a perfect candid.

Be ready for a long list of pictures of the same person. It just happened that I was walking around with her a lot when the group split up. And as a good friend, you take good pictures.

I promise this long post of pictures is almost done! We’re gonna end this with one more picture of me at the mosque. Are you a photographer yourself? What do you like taking pictures of?

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl


  • Rashi

    April 4, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Really wonderful pictures…

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