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A Year of Joining New Things: Performance & Activities

May 16, 2018

A Year of Joining New Things

As I post this, all my AP Exams of 2018 have been done which is a big reason that I started to not become too active these few months. Results come in July and I’m hoping for the best! Anyways, let’s get into the point of this post.

My 11th Grade year has to be hands down one of the best years of my high school career; I was way more active in many ways. I joined clubs, performed in front of high school peers, and even joined a whole musical! This is all in part because I started to become more familiar and comfortable in the high school setting…because some of the older kids when I was in 9th and 10th grade were….let’s just leave it at that.

And to celebrate my hard work this year, this post will be about the things I got to participate in. From the clubs I joined, the Talent Show, Open Mic Event, and the musical! And because it was my first year of doing any APs, I’ll be talking a little bit of the AP classes I enrolled in too.

AP Classes

This year, I enrolled in 4 AP classes: Physics 1, Chemistry, Spanish, and Language and Composition. In some ways there were challenges and in others, it was just like taking any other classes.

Because they are AP classes, the workload, the expectations, and content was definitely more deep and challenging. But I am happy to say I survived through them!

Below are some pictures taken during labs and experiments in Physics 1 and Chemistry.


helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl chemistry experiment physics

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl

Community Service

I finally joined Community Service this year and really tried my best to attend all the different events we held. The things we did were Book Sales at a mall, Bake Sales at school, helping out in the hospital to play with children, marathon for cancer, etc.

Being in Community Service meant I had to take time from my schedule either during the weekend or weekday to help out. And despite my more crammed schedule this year, I got 14 hours of service for the group!

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl community service student

This is a picture taken during an OIG Lunch where we set up a nice buffet for the worker men who clean the school. It was also the same day as my AP Chemistry Mock Exam so on this day, I was at school from 8AM to about 5PM. But it was all worth it!

Yearbook & Photography Team

Fun fact! I was actually part of the Middle School Yearbook team in 7th Grade and now, in 11th Grade, I made my comeback!

No one really knows how much work it takes to design, edit, just make the whole yearbook…until you are part of the team. I was in charge of a few pages, by few, I mean many. The 10th Grade Headshots, 10th Grade Candids, all grade candids, ambassadors, Oman in Focus, and Sports Council pages.

I was really on a time crunch and my schedule was looking busy as ever during the time period that pages needed to be due. And I feel really sorry for being late…haha. I’ll do better next year!

The yearbook is currently being printed and proofread so, I have no pictures to show this team or its work.

Musical (High School Musical)

Here’s the story to why I joined. The drama teacher announced that this year’s musical would be High School Musical, yes like the 2006 film of my childhood that I rewatched several hundred times. And in my brain I thought, “Why not?”

High School Musical was anyway a big part of my childhood so why not live it? But I was hesitant at the same time because auditioning is scary, not really once I am in the audition process, but scary just in the whole picture. My friend, too, thought of auditioning but was too nervous.

The audition day came and my friend and I were making our decision: to go or not to go. Seeing that my friend really, actually wanted to try it out, I went with her to encourage her and not make her feel too intimidated by the people there. So, that is how I ended up auditioning as well.

In short, the musical was something I am happy I joined in on and don’t regret. Even though it took many hours off my week, I was able to stay on top with my classes and my other clubs too. For about 2 months, I came home from school around 6:30PM everyday and there were days that I stayed from 9AM to 5PM at school to rehearse.

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl high school musical

By the way, I was a Brainiac and a Thespian in the musical! I got to meet so many new people from 9th and 10th grade that I would ever rarely meet on a daily basis again. I do have a video of the ending performance of the musical but because of technical difficulties, I will have to post the video later. Keep updated to see when the video is uploaded.

Literary Magazine

From last year, I always wanted to join Lit Mag because it looked so much fun and inspirational. The Lit Mag are a team of people who collect works of art, music, and writing from people in the high school community. In the end of each year, a book filled with all these masterpieces is made. And to raise money for the book, we do bake sales!

But that is not all that Lit Mag do. The members in it are so inspiring and creative and I think that is what makes Lit Mag really special. Remember the Slam Poem during International Day? That was three members of the Lit Mag (including me)  group spreading inspiration and creativeness!

And I think that is what is the most important about the Lit Mag group; celebrating the artworks and talents of individual students. We also have a website, that I personally “created” (the editing and format). Lots of the works submitted are posted on the website so go and check it out!

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl literary magazine

Lit Mag’s Open Mic Event

As a last big event for the Lit Mag, we held an Open Mic Event which is a very “chill” and flexible event. Students can do performances of whatever they like to share their talents in poems, songs, dance, etc. Scheduled to be an outside event, we changed it to an indoor event in a classroom because the weather was too hot out.

Free snacks, drinks, and treats were available for the performers and audience as well. Cushions, pillows, couches, fairy lights  were also spread around the classroom to create a comfortable setting for everyone. The performances ranged from violin, guitar, singing in a few different languages, poems, and dancing! It was one of the fun and happiest days for me in awhile.

And I stepped up to perform this day! I sang IU’s Ending Scene and danced to LOONA Odd Eye Circle’s Girl Front. Check out my performances below.

Talent Show Performance

Two years ago, I was a little ninth-grader and even though it was in the middle of the second semester, I was still finding confidence in myself. I wanted to put a name on me that would make people remember who Conchita was. So, I danced to TWICE’s Like Ooh-Ahh in the Talent Show, I have to be honest I wasn’t the best at it but I still had lots of confidence during my performance.

Sadly, in my 10th Grade year, no talent show was being held even though I learned two choreographies to prepare. BUT! I no longer had to worry because this year, there was a talent show announcement. The funny story is that there were not that many people who signed up compared to the one in 2016. So I got myself two slots for my performances.

For the Talent Show, I performed Red Velvet’s most recent comebacks: Peek-A-Boo and Bad Boy. Can you tell Red Velvet is one of my top groups? Because they are haha. And compared to me in 2016, I definitely improved a lot in my dancing…at least I would like to say so myself. I still have a lot to improve but I hope I can have lots of opportunities to show this part of me!

Peek-A-Boo was the opening performance so it was extra special and consequently, I was extra nervous. Excuse the bright lighting, you can’t see my face very well but it’s good enough.

Because I was pretty proud of my outfit, I will make a post about my Red Velvet outfit recreation and! Maybe the makeup look I would do to make the whole look complete. So stay tuned for that! I have to say, that since summer is right around the corner, there are many things for you to look forward to through this blog. Watch my two performances below and with that, it concludes this blogpost!

helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl


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