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Hello Conchita YouTube Channel Opening!

May 21, 2018

Attention! Conchita’s YouTube Announcement

Ahhh! I finally can tell you about a new thing that I’ve been planning for awhile now. It’s my new YouTube channel! I love my blog and will always keep writing but to add a more visual way to express myself, I am opening a YouTube channel that will be centered on the content of this blog.

The channel goes by the same name as my blog, Hello Conchita. The first ever video I took and already uploaded was a haul/channel introduction. And I’m very much aware that I was too quiet and shy for the whole video but I promise to do better! I’ll be filming my second video soon and make sure to subscribe to know when it’s uploaded.

So, from here on, I will be accompanying most of my blogposts with a video. Whatever I feel like writing about, I will post a video to go with it as well! Also, since I do have content on my blog already that I am very proud of, I will be filming videos for them one by one. 

What Will The Channel Consist Of?

Just like I said, my channel will be based around my blog and the content of it will be the same as my blogposts. From hearing that, hauls will not be something I usually do because it’s not the type of video I want to be doing. I did it as my first video as a practice video! 

Outfit Lookbooks:

Of course this will be a big part of my channel…I love fashion and this is a new way to show what I wear on different occasions and maybe spark some inspiration to many girls alike.

Advice/Blogpost Content:

This is definitely something that plays an important part of my channel because it is the reason that I opened my blog in the first place! I don’t know how to simply summarize what this will look like but as an example, I will post videos surrounding issues that I talk about on my blog (example: Be A Role Model, Excuse Muslims Are Tired of Hearing, Things to Know If You’re Going to Wear the Hijab, etc.)

Look Recreations:

As we all know, I love fashion and playing around with clothes and now, makeup. The fashion in the K-pop industry is quite unique and so inspiring to me. But as a hijabi, it can be hard to pull ideas from these k-pop idols into your own style. It’s complicated because we need to look stylish but still cover ourselves. This category of videos that I will post, will help hijabis to find ways to get ideas from others while still following the rules of wearing the hijab.

Reaction Videos:

I stated this in my first video but, I do want to try doing reaction videos of music videos of my most favorite groups/singers. This means that I won’t be reacting too often. The groups I REALLY like are PRISTIN, NCT, Red Velvet, LOONA, and TWICE. Other than that, I might take in suggestions to react to other groups.

Dance Covers:

Another fun thing I want to post are dance covers! I learn dances here and there. I think that my progress should be recorded so I can remember which dances I’ve done over the years. This will be a fun addition to my channel! But just like reaction videos, these types of videos will not be very often.

Stay Updated!

That is all for this post! Just a quick announcement and an opening to my YouTube channel. Stay tuned because a variety of videos and blogposts are coming your way.

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