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5 Tips For Ramadan During Exams and School

May 24, 2018

Ramadan During Exams and School

For me, fasting during school and exams is not a big deal but for many, it may be something that crosses their minds a lot. And so, this blogpost will help everyone, students to go through Ramadan 2018 during school/exams! Final Exams week hasn’t welcomed my school yet, it’s actually in one week. But! Being ready is always good.

1. Adjusting Wake-Up and Sleep Times

As a muslim, we have to wake up early anyway but during Ramadan, we wake up extra early for suhur. And this might disrupt the alertness of students during the day in school. Keep in mind too, that we have to stay up to pray the first prayer of the day on time/not late. 

As for me, I wake up one hour before Fajr so I have lots of time to decide what to eat. Anyway…adjust your time. Because a lot of the times, after praying Fajr, we can be extra sleepy so you can go back to sleep but remember! You have school! My usual schedule for the morning is; wake up at 3AM and eat whatever there is, stop eating/drinking at 4AM, waiting till Fajr prayer then pray, and then go back to sleep.

My body works like a clock by itself so I don’t really need any alarms personally. But make sure, that if you do go back to sleep, you have your things ready to go and time to get ready. You don’t want to be late for your ride to school!

2. Eat and Drink Water Even if You Don’t Feel Like It During Suhur

School and exams take a lot of energy to survive through even if the only thing we’re doing is focusing on a problem. It’s good to eat and/or drink during suhur to prepare for the day. For those who are practiced, fasting throughout school without eating is no big deal but some may find it difficult. 

So, if you are one that finds it difficult (which is not a bad thing), make sure to eat on suhur even though there may be times where you feel too “sick” to eat so early in the morning. Like one of my AP teachers said before the big exam (which was before Ramadan started), “eat so it’s not your stomach answering the question”. I agree with this so much…the many times my stomach has grumbled…let’s just say it’s not a good feeling.

3. Don’t Work Too Hard…Physically

Some people still have some physical education classes and my advice is, tell your teacher that you are fasting. Still participate in the activities but don’t be too hard on yourself. And I hope your teacher is understanding, too. Especially in the first days of fasting, dizziness and headaches are common. Be careful.

Like I just had my Personal Fitness class a few days ago and one of the 10th Graders who was also fasting, ran around a lot. He is a very athletic person but he tired himself out that he felt dizzy after every game. But hey…if you’re a strong person, then go for it. On top of that, you could make yourself too thirsty and then feel dehydrated for the rest of the day.

4. Know That You Can Do It

This is for my younger or students who are just starting to fast for the whole day, believe you can do it. It can seem hard to do as you are more prone to be influenced by friends who aren’t fasting. I have a story for this!

My eight-year-old brother came to me in the bus and after a series of short stories about his day, he admitted that he was really thirsty. “Princess, I’m so thirsty. My throat feels like it is blocked. I want to drink water.” And I just looked at him, “No, Audomaro. You have only 3 more hours, you came this far. Don’t give up now. Make Allah proud, make mommy proud. I know you can do it, you are strong.”

At first, he insisted on drinking water but in the end, all he did was sleep till we reached our house…with his water bottle, unopened in his hands. He did it. He believed that he could make it and he stuck through it.

I, myself, started fasting full day in kindergarten. People were shocked because I was only 5/6 but had the strength and determination to fast. To the point that even a muslim teacher bought me pizza to eat which I strongly declined. I believed I could do it and that will to fast for the whole day helped me develop a strong heart. 

5. Make Lots of Dua Everyday

Don’t just do this on Ramadan but literally every day of your life you should make lots of dua! But, on this blessed month of Ramadan, our duas are more likely to be heard than any other day in the year. If you’re nervous for an exam or worried that you can’t focus in class, pray to Allah to help guide the way for you.

I always make dua before I have an exam even if it’s not Ramadan. So, if it helps you to be more calm and collected during exams and also to ask for Allah’s blessing to concentrate on the questions instead of your stomach, a dua or two won’t hurt! I guess I’ll post some surahs that I recite before an exam below, just as an example.

Surahs I recite: Al-Kursi, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Naas

Also just a random side note, during Ramadan, make sure to make a lot of dua. It is your time to get even more closer to Allah but make sure to keep doing the good deeds like making dua, remembering Allah, etc. even after Ramadan.

That is all for this post and make sure you check out the video about it above. For those of you who are practicing the act of fasting and celebrating Ramadan, I hope you have a blessed Ramadan this year!helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl


  • Daima Hussain

    May 26, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    Great advice! Especially about drinking water during Suhur. Ramazan Mubarak!

  • Dieter

    May 27, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    I went to school in Jeddah / Saudi Arabia. Since I am not Muslim I had not so a big effect. Only we did not get lunch during Ramadan in school. At this time we had no internet and no blogs like this one, it would have helped a lot

  • Esraa

    April 4, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    I always got irritated with the exams in Ramadan, as I feel that schools in Muslim countries should focus on useful religious practices in Ramadan for the self-development.

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