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The Fun Content on Hello Conchita on YouTube!

June 9, 2018

Hi, It’s Been A Hot Minute

Hello! Summer has finally started here and I am so excited to embark on this journey. I have lots of fun, new content to share with you. New content for both this blog and my channel on YouTube so make sure to subscribe to both!

For this post, I want to talk about the newest content that has already been uploaded on my channel and what to look out for next. And remember, mostly everything on the channel will also correspond to my blog.

Reaction Videos!

As I write this, I have uploaded two reaction videos to two K-pop groups. You can see I have become more comfortable in front of the camera. I hope I keep that up. Reaction videos won’t be too often, they are just a fun side content that I love to film!

Here’s my first one to PRISTIN V’s Get It music video! I was a little emotional throughout the video so I couldn’t express much haha. PRISTIN came back as a unit after 9 months so, that’s why I was a little too happy.

This reaction video was for A.C.E’s Take Me Higher music video. Here, you can see I am way more open and comfortable with the camera. This was featuring my littlest brother!

Journal/Plan With Me

These videos are always so much fun to watch…at least for me. Because I have so much passion for journaling and writing out my day. I truly believe that journaling and just having some sort of fun planner just makes lives better. Not only that but, it’s fun to do it too!

My first journaling video was me filling out my missed dates on my agenda. So, how do I have fun with my agenda you may ask? I use stickers, colored pens, markers, and pictures!

As I say in the video, this is not how I usually use my agenda. I do actually write to do lists for each day but it was just because I skipped so many days, I had to fill up my pages with something. In the future, I will upload many proper “plan with me” videos! Stay updated on them. I will also post an official how-to-organize-your-agenda blogpost, too!

Future Content…

This is just the beginning of Hello Conchita on YouTube and I hope to improve in many aspects for the growth of my channel! I have a lot of videos I want to film. Since it is summer, I will have more time to film various things and from here on, be ready for more sit and talk videos! Also just a heads up, I will start posting vlogs because I’m traveling somewhere exciting for the first half of summer 2018.

I’ll be bringing back fashion blog posts really soon! The last few weeks of school were exhausting and busy so I couldn’t go out for any photoshoots for a long time. But don’t worry…I’ m back ready as ever to give you content that is inspiring, confident, and fashionable.

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