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NCT 127 NEO CITY Concert and All My Emotions

July 31, 2019

My first concert!

SO. The most craziest thing happened in my life. I got to go to my first ever concert in my life! Not just any concert but NCT 127’s NEO CITY concert. There were just so many emotions that I felt way before the concert that I just have to talk about.

Throughout my senior year, I always thought about a big graduation present that I could receive from my family. Seeing NCT was top not only on my list of potential graduation presents, but top in my life bucket list.

Another thing that was in my life bucket list was participating in a Random Play Dance and that was something I crossed off on the day of the concert!

Going to a concert, seeing one of the most important groups to me seemed to be a dream. Something that was not easily possible.

The story goes, July 10th, NCT 127 announced they were going to stop at Singapore for their world tour. I was so ecstatic about the news because the date and place was perfect for me to be able to make my way there and see them.

NCT 127 NEO CITY in Singapore

With a racing heart, I still remember walking into my parent’s room, my hands and whole body shaking. I then asked my mom, “Mom, if this is possible. Just if it is possible. It’s okay if I can’t. One of my favorite groups is going to Singapore for their world tour and I thought…maybe I could go see them?”


My mom said yes! Alright! That’s all there was to it, right? Nope! As you all know, I am an incoming freshmen in university. I had a lot of documents to take care of during that time. My visa was also still in the process.

There were so many nights when I would cry because I really wanted to see NCT as it seemed like the best time for me to go in a long time (who knows how busy I will be after becoming a university student).

June 20th, exactly a month before the concert, I bought the tickets and still I was uncertain that I was not going to be able to see them. It all turns out that the process of getting into my university was not going to stop me!

The month before the concert, I was just preparing myself mentally and physically for the concert day. From writing a list of official merchandise I wanted to buy, free stuff I hoped to get, planning my outfit, prepping my concert backpack, and more.

So we left to Singapore on the 19th of July and arrived late at night. One hour after NCT 127 arrived to Singapore themselves!

NCT to me is…

NCT 127 in Singapore group photo
This is the group photo NCT 127 took in Singapore! I’m in this picture…hehe…in the far back…sitting down…haha…

You’ve reached this point and probably wondered…why is Conchita even talking about all of this? WELL, let me tell you.

NCT as a the whole group, have been such a big part of me since 9th grade. I stanned them right on their debut date. You can ask my two friends, Alya and Uni, for evidence because they were the two who witnessed my love for NCT grow (aside from my brother).

I still remember watching “The 7th Sense” and falling in love with Jaehyun and his voice. It was like love at first sight because he was and is still my favorite member to this day. Along with Chenle who debuted in NCT Dream later in August of the same year (2016), they were my happy escape.

NCT gave me so much motivation, emotional support, happiness, energy, love, inspiration, and many more things. During hard times, happy times, I always looked to them for support because just watching them made my day.

My gratefulness for them cannot be explained in words well, but I hope what I have written can make you understand even just a bit why this was important to me.

Day of Seeing NCT 127

hello conchita outside the concert venue

Stepping into the area surrounding the venue…was overwhelming. All my life, I was alone in expressing my love and support for a certain group. There, everyone was excited to see one group and sharing their love. That group was NCT 127.

I walked around and I saw people holding banners, slogans, photo cards, postcards, and more of the members. That image was heart warming to me because it made me comfortable showing my support for the boys too.

The fans were open to each other and giving out various free NCT things such as stickers, photo cards, and more! I have a lot from the concert and I really will use and cherish them with all my heart.

I don’t have to talk much about what happened in the concert, that can all be seen in the vlog!

The opening of the show was the most emotional for me as the realization hit that I was seeing the boys who gave me motivation throughout high school. I cried and sobbed and screamed all at once. But as the show moved on, I was overfilled with happiness. I was beyond happy.

I watched the concert knowing that Singapore was their last stop of their first world tour and that made me feel even more emotional. To be part of something so special made me feel so honored and lucky. The memories from that day is so precious to me.

hello conchita inside the concert venue before the concert

I stepped out of the concert venue with even more love for NCT. Something I was so grateful for during the concert was that the boys made me feel comfortable and made me feel like there was no need to cry. They told us to just have fun and enjoy the moment even if it was emotional to see them.


I don’t express it well but I am beyond thankful for my family who supported me with this journey. I don’t think they know just how much this meant to me because it really meant the world.

I wrote this blogpost to remember how I felt and how I feel a little over week since the concert. Because it’s a feeling that will never come back or at least, will never be felt the same way.

Thank you, NCT. For everything you do, for everything you’ve given me. Let’s see each other again~

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