• Beginning of Senior Year: How to Stay Motivated And Happy!

    September 10, 2018

    Hello, Senior Year WELL. Senior year has commenced for me. It’s the final year of high school and I can’t tell you how fast that went. Elementary and middle school seemed like they took years to finish. But I still remember being a 9th Grader and our counselors telling us that high school will indeed…

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  • helloconchita conchita modest fashion hijab muslimah muslim girl

    Share What I’ve Been Thinking About and Still Am

    August 23, 2018

    Putting out content is hard. Whether it’s writing or video editing, it’s hard and takes a lot of time. This blogpost is just about my thoughts of starting all of this— of becoming a “blogger” and a “youtuber”. I mean they can mean different things to different people who start their own blog or youtube…

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  • helloconchita relationship post conchita hijab hijaber muslim fashion muslimah

    Tired of Being Asked The Same Relationship Questions

    January 13, 2018

    Get a cup of coffee or some snacks it’s gonna be an entertaining read. Currently biting my nails as I write this…But here we go! The One Relationship Question Every Girl (Mostly) in Family Occasions Is Sick Of. And. Tries. To. Avoid. Every. Single. Time. But fails. “The Relationship Question” I think most girls can…

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  • quote inspirational children conchita helloconchita

    An Important Quote About Childhood and Growing Up

    January 11, 2018

    There’s a childhood-themed quote I wrote when I was 13 that I just recently looked back on. Sometimes…maturity is not about throwing away your toys, it’s about how you play with them.   When I read this, I thought, “What was Conchita thinking when she decided to write this down?” Because there must be something…

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  • one excuse muslim tired helloconchita conchita

    The Number 1 Excuse Every Muslim is Tired of Hearing

    January 7, 2018

    Take notes everyone. Everyone. Those who have never said it, learn to understand why you shouldn’t say something like this. Those who have, learn to never say it again. Even my muslim brothers and sisters to know how to correctly respond to this excuse. InshaAllah we all can learn something from this post. The excuse…

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  • conchita isdiawan helloconchita hijab fashion muslimah

    Goals for 2018 Year + Hopes and Dreams

    December 31, 2017

    As the new year ends, it’s time for the resolutions or better – goals and hopes – for the new year. Everyone will look at 2018 differently. It could be an exciting year, a sad year, or even a whatever-years-pass-by-and-come year. Whatever it is, even if the concept of “years” were just made up by…

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  • k-pop lesson account stan twitter

    K-Pop Stan Twitter Accounts: The Lesson I Learned

    December 28, 2017

    Yup…you read the title right. That’s exactly what I’m gonna write about for this post: K-pop Stan Twitter Accounts. I think many of you are familiar with the ever-growing community of “stan accounts” on Twitter and literally every social media platform that exists (this post will focus on K-pop twitter accounts). For those who don’t…

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  • be a role model future generation girls hijab hijaber hug

    Being A Role Model to Future Generations

    December 24, 2017

    Being a role model to future generations…now let’s talk about what that means. What is a role model? Being a role model means to become someone that others can look up to. Maybe they want to be as fit or smart or kind like someone is. It is someone we look at and say, “Oh,…

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  • do not discredit your work or efforts

    Don’t Discredit Your Efforts When Things Get Hard

    December 22, 2017

    Don’t Ever Discredit Yourself It’s so easy to discredit our efforts when things in life don’t go right. When things get hard, when everything seems like it has fallen, we like to blame others or things because of our failures. But that’s only because we’re trying to avoid admitting that maybe, just maybe, that it…

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